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Class of ‘73


I am the host and webmaster (John Roads).
That means I keep the site up and running. I can host nothing without your
input. I need anything – photos (old or current, including a better one of
the school above), stories, suggestions, topics, etc. What have you all been
doing for the past 30 years. Submit comments and info to the “Contact
Webmaster” link below. The topics at this site my are suggestions only.
I used Maroon, white and gold for obvious reasons. This page is not set in
concrete. Once it is up and running, it takes me minutes to make changes.
Let’s make it YOUR Web site. The site is currently hosted
by and under the LONGBEAR.com web site.

If any one has digital photos and wants to share them – email
them to me at the webmaster link below. If you have hard photos you want to
share, mail them to me at P.O. Box 653, Mt. Lemmon, AZ 85619. I will scan
them and return them.

For more RHS73 information contact:

Email Donna (Reynolds) Phillippe


(Webmaster)John Roads